‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Vows To ‘Get Even’ As She Stands By Peter Despite Spinelli’s Concerns

This week, emotions will be running high for both Maxie and Spinelli on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Maxie will continue to believe Peter, despite Spinelli’s concerns, which could drive a serious wedge between the long-time besties.

A new Twitter preview for the episodes airing this week reveals some of what’s ahead with this storyline. Last week, viewers watched as Spinelli pleaded with Maxie to be skeptical of the idea that Obrecht engineered the crimes behind the charges she’s now facing. Rather, Spinelli is certain, Peter is the one who orchestrated all of this.

Maxie dismissed Spinelli and stood by Peter, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will continue to do so this week. In the new sneak peek, the show teased that Maxie will take a stand. A voiceover said that someone is pursuing ultimate revenge and the ominous phrase came as Maxie and Spinelli were featured.

While it’s not known yet who Maxie will be talking to in the scenes featured in the sneak peek, she does tell the person that she is going to get even. The insinuation is that Maxie will be intent on getting even with Spinelli for stirring drama up in relation to Peter. Maxie looks quite serious during this moment, but it is possible that this upcoming situation won’t be nearly as ominous as it’s hyped to be.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lulu and Maxie will be “trading barbs” during Wednesday’s show. While Maxie and Lulu have had their troubles over the years, they have been in a very solid, good place with their friendship for quite some time now. Is that about to change?

Both Maxie and Lulu are supportive of Peter. Is it possible that something new arises to prompt some questions from Lulu that pit the two friends against one another again?

During Thursday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers note that someone will be sharing some unsolicited advice with Spinelli, which could be coming from a number of people. However, it does seem fairly likely that the advice Spinelli receives is regarding his hatred for Peter and desperation to have Maxie see through her beau.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Maxie will be ready to accept the truth about Peter anytime soon. General Hospital spoilers detail that next week, Spinelli will work with Sam and he’ll find himself in a tough spot soon after that.

Given the fact that Sam is both trying to nail Peter and find TJ, it’s possible that Spinelli’s upcoming troubles have nothing to do with Maxie’s situation. Ultimately, however, General Hospital spoilers hint that Spinelli will continue to dig and do his best to protect his daughter Georgie and get Maxie to face the truth about Peter.

She has made it clear that Spinelli has his work cut out for him on this front. Despite that, General Hospital fans are ready to see Peter face the music and it seems likely that development is not too far away.

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