Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Is Frantic Over Maxie’s Messages

Spinelli has been worried about Maxie for some time now, but General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode suggest that he’s going to be pretty frazzled and desperate. During Thursday’s show, he listened to a voicemail and rushed out of the gym, determined that he would prevent something from happening.

Throughout much of Thursday’s episode, Maxie was focused on her work with Nina at Crimson. Nina had promised her a raise and promotion, but then she had to break it to Maxie that the raise wasn’t going to happen after all. After that, Maxie met up with Lulu and told her that she was planning to get even.

In the midst of all of that, Spinelli saw that he had a couple of missed calls and voicemails from Maxie’s phone. He rushed away from a conversation he was having with Jason and Anna to go deal with what he heard in his messages.

Apparently, Spinelli will be under the impression that Peter and Maxie are going to be tying the knot soon. Given his distaste for Peter and love for Maxie, he is not about to let this happen — if there is anything he can do about it.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s show teased that Peter will tell Spinelli that he’s going to be marrying Maxie soon. It’s understandable that this would upset Spinelli, and viewers will be curious to see how the voicemails and Peter’s needling connect together.

Based on General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, this marriage possibility will seemingly spark a renewed determination in Spinelli. Next week, he will be working with Sam on something, which could very well be connected to Peter. Shortly after that, he will find himself in a precarious position of some sort.

Spinelli does not want to lose his connection to Maxie, as they share a child together and he has a lot of love for her. She has told him to back off when it comes to Peter, but then Brando essentially urged Spinelli to fight hard for what he believes is right.

Will Spinelli manage to get through to Maxie before it’s too late? How will Peter finally be exposed and how much damage will he do to Maxie in the meantime? General Hospital spoilers hint that this situation will get significantly more intense before it’s resolved. Viewers will be curious to see if Spinelli can manage to take down Peter once and for all.

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