Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Surprises Nina & Spinelli Connects With Brando

Spoilers suggest that Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will bring some buzzworthy developments. Viewers will see Brando and Spinelli having what could be an interesting conversation with one another, while Jax has bad news for Nina. Lulu will take aim at Brook Lynn and Anna will be butting heads with Jason again.

According to the sneak peek shared via Twitter, Brando and Spinelli will cross paths at the gym. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Spinelli will be getting some unsolicited advice from someone and it looks as if it might come from Brando.

Viewers are not really sure what to make of Brando yet. Is he really the guy he’s showing to everybody in Port Charles? Or could he be hiding some significant secrets? For now, it looks as if he’ll continue to set down roots, including getting to know those who are close to Sonny and Jason.

Spinelli is rattled over Maxie’s insistence on standing by Peter’s side, despite all of the signs that this will lead to heartbreak. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brando will pick up on Spinelli being worried about something as they talk at the gym. Brando will somehow be prompted to ask Spinelli if he knows someone who needs rescuing, but it’s not known where this conversation heads next.

During Wednesday’s show, Maxie finally told Nina how frustrated she was with how things were going at Crimson. Nina was surprised but supportive, and she promised she’d figure out how to get Maxie an appropriate raise and new title. Nina wasted little time in bringing this up with Jax, but this conversation won’t go quite as she anticipated.

To a degree, it seems likely that Nina thought she’d easily get her way on this because she and Jax are now romantically involved. However, General Hospital spoilers share that Jax will tell Nina that he can’t approve what she’s seeking for Maxie.

This response will surprise Nina and may lead to the first real conflict this couple has encountered. However, it’s also possible that Jax is saying no, but has an explanation or solution that ultimately does give Maxie what she feels she deserves.

Thursday’s episode will also bring the next chapter of drama involving Lulu and Brook Lynn. These two don’t get along and never will, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brook Lynn’s tone-deaf live-streaming on Facebook may come back to bite her.

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Anna will be upset with Jason and she’ll be laying blame on him. This is surely regarding Peter, as it seems unlikely that Jason has any plan to let go of digging into this situation. Anna’s in denial about what Peter’s done, but she’ll likely have to face the truth soon.

Tensions are running high on many fronts throughout Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers hint there’s plenty more yet to come.

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