‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Vows To Protect Brando, But Fans Still Don’t Trust The New Guy

Brando Corbin arrived in Port Charles in January just in time for all the mob action, as seen recently on General Hospital. He has quickly become someone whom the Corinthos family has come to trust, but fans are left wondering if it’s way too quick. The previews for Monday’s show have Sonny telling Brando that he is not about to leave him unprotected and it looks like he means it.

Cyrus Renault has declared war on Port Charles and Sonny and his loved ones are caught up in it. There has been a lot happening with a few serious injuries along the way. Brando was the first one to get hurt when he was shot protecting Carly from the warehouse attack. She had no idea who he was at that point, but she and Sonny quickly found out that he is the presumed-dead son of Gladys Corbin. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Cyrus will be leaving a trail of destruction after all is said and done, which is why Sonny will be offering Brando his protection so he won’t be caught in the crossfire once again.

It’s likely that Brando will try and refuse Sonny’s help. It seems like the mobster has taken a liking to this new guy, mainly because he saved Carly’s life and he is willing to keep his mouth shut about Dev. He also just stopped Dev and Joss from going to the winter dance.

Unfortunately, there was another crisis happening when Brando arrived with the two teens as Carly found a bullet in Dev’s backpack. She freaked out trying to figure out how it got there. They came to the conclusion that Cyrus is giving them a warning. However, General Hospital viewers are not so sure that it wasn’t actually Brando who put it there.

“IMO maybe Brando working with Cy and he put the bullet in dev backpack,” one person on social media observed.

“Why are Sonny and Carly so trusting of Brando?” another viewer asked.

They still don’t trust him. There seems to be something fishy about Brando since he seems to be way too willing to play along with whatever Sonny wants. If he is working for Cyrus, that could be very bad for the Corinthos family. Does he have another secret that he is not letting on?

There are expected to be more surprises coming from Cyrus Renault in a couple of weeks. Mayor Laura Collins will be coming face-to-face with the mobster at Pentonville in the coming days. She is not afraid to do whatever she can to protect the people of Port Charles.

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