‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Stassi Schroeder Admits She Owes Her Relationship With Beau Clark To Jax Taylor

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark were seen talking about how it could have been her walking down the aisle with Jax Taylor on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. Here, Schroeder admitted to being glad that Taylor treated her so poorly.

After joking about Taylor’s disgusting behavior during his relationship with Schroeder years ago on Tuesday’s show, which featured Taylor and Cartwright tying the knot in Kentucky, Schroeder and Clark were seen chatting about their appreciation for Taylor’s past antics during a taping of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show.

After Clark recalled a past tweet shared last Valentine’s Day in which he thanked his partner’s previous boyfriends for failing to have successful relationships with his now-fiancee, he admitted that he was equally guilty of being a bad boyfriend to his past flames.

“Thank God that Jax was such a d**k to me because I was young enough to maybe go through the motions if he hadn’t been such an a**hole,” Schroeder explained.

While Schroeder did date Taylor for several years before learning that he had been cheating on her during an episode of Vanderpump Rules, she told her fiance that she and Taylor would have absolutely nothing to talk about if they were together today. She then joked that she and Clark owe their romance to her ex-boyfriend.

“We owe our relationship, partly, to Jax.”

In his own segment of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show, Taylor admitted that he wouldn’t have married Schroeder before saying that things worked out exactly how they were supposed to. Then, when Lisa Vanderpump told him that he still cares about his ex as a friend, Taylor confirmed that Schroeder is one of his best friends. He noted that he never believed they would be able to get to such a great place after all of the hurt they endured at the end of their relationship years ago.

Taylor went on to say that Clark is a great fit for Schroeder because he has a lot of patience and allows her to be herself while supporting her throughout everything life brings to her.

According to Vanderpump, Taylor and Schroeder were never a good fit for one another because they were both egomaniacs, which was a recipe for disaster.


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Schroeder and Clark were planning to get married in Italy this October but due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, it is unclear whether their big day will actually happen.