Tom Brady Is Leaving The New England Patriots

Tom Brady has confirmed that he is leaving the New England Patriots. On Tuesday morning, the six-time Super Bowl champion made the announcement in a series of Instagram posts. His first post, captioned “Forever a Patriot,” was a “thank you” to the Patriots organization. His second post, captioned “Love you Pats Nation,” was a “thank you” to his fans. You can read both of Brady’s posts below.

As Brady mentioned in his posts, he is unsure where his career is going to take him in 2020 and beyond. The news that he won’t be returning to New England was shocking to some and not-all-that-surprising to others. While some fans believed that Brady wanted to retire as a New England Patriot, others felt that he wanted to experience something different during his last year or two playing in the NFL.

“Tom don’t do this to me right now,” one fan commented.

“Hold on. What just happened?” added another supporter.

“Coronavirus, everyone’s on shutdown and you do this to us?” wrote a third person.

As far as where Brady might end up, he is down to just a handful of options, including Los Angeles and Tampa. It is also possible that Brady might decide to retire from the NFL altogether. After all, he did say that it’s time for him to “open a new stage for [his] life and career.”

Just last week, Brady announced the launch of his new production company, 199 Productions. Between that and his dedication to TB12, Brady may find himself content away from the NFL. Of course, there’s always a chance that he could join an organization as a coach — but it most likely won’t be in New England.

Rumors that Brady wanted Patriots owner Robert Kraft to go out and get him a team (particularly an offense) that could help bring home one more Super Bowl ring have been plentiful since the Patriots lost 20-13 to the Tennessee Titans in the NFL Wild Card round. However, the Patriots have been making moves that have many fans wondering if the dynasty really could be over.

Brady’s announcement comes just hours after linebacker Kyle Van Noy signed with the Miami Dolphins and Jamie Collins inked a deal with the Detroit Lions.

The 42-year-old quarterback has played for the Patriots since he was drafted by the team back in 2000. And while his legacy will not be lost on New England, seeing him in another uniform is going to be really difficult for his fans. At least one prominent figure in the Patriots’ organization is sad to see Brady go — Kraft himself.

“It’s not the way I want it to end, but I want him to do what is in his best personal interest. After 20 years with us, he has earned that right. I love him like a son,” Kraft said of the matter, per CBS Boston.