WWE News: Former World Champion Possibly Returning Later This Year For One More Run

As stars are seeing their professional wrestling careers wind down, they usually want to head back to WWE for one more run. It has been nearly four years since Alberto Del Rio was on the WWE roster as he’s gone on to do many other things, but his time with the company isn’t totally done. The former champion states that bridges have been rebuilt between the two sides and that he’ll probably return for one more run later this year.

After parting ways with WWE, Del Rio (also known as Alberto El Patron) went to wrestle on the independent scene for a while. He also worked again for Impact Wrestling and was even a part of Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s Nacion Lucha Libre promotion for a short period of time.

While he’s been working at getting into the world of MMA, Del Rio says that his wrestling career isn’t quite over. The 42-year-old was a recent guest on Nos Cayo La Noche and discussed a number of topics which included a possible return to WWE sooner than one may think.

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Del Rio says he has been in discussions with WWE recently and that a return seems imminent. As a matter of fact, he states that he’ll likely be back with the promotion by mid-2020.

Alberto Del Rio smiles before entering the ring.

Even though he considers himself to be partially retired from wrestling, he wants one more run before calling it a career for good.

“We have rebuilt the bridge. On their (WWE) part, they were wrong on some decisions and I also did some things wrong on my part. I am hoping that we can reach an agreement sometime this year or by the middle of this year I’ll be back there.”

The bridges he speaks of rebuilding are primarily with that of Triple H who is one of the most powerful people in WWE. Since leaving the company in mid-2016, Del Rio has been publicly vocal on his dislike for Triple H and said many negative things about him to the world.

Del Rio did go on to apologize to Trips and said that he was wrong for the things he said about him, as reported by The Inquisitr. A lot of the blame was put on Del Rio’s ex-girlfriend Paige who he said perpetrated a number of things which brought about his criticism of Triple H and WWE.

Alberto Del Rio is a two-time former WWE Champion, two-time World Heavyweight Champion, and two-time United States Champion. He would be a welcome addition to the roster if he were to actually return, but it’s something that he has said in the past and it didn’t happen. Only time will tell if he’s going to make a comeback this year, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath.