XBLA Announces ‘Play To Earn’ Program Called ‘MyPunchCard’

XBLA launches play to earn program

XBLA has announced a new program that will allow gamers to earn credits and even free games when they are playing on Xbox Live.

MyPunchCard is the new “play to earn” program that will give Xbox Live Gold members the ability to earn points for every XBLA game they play. These points can be redeemed for money off future purchases or even free perks if enough points are built up.

Starting April 1st, members will be able to start earning points whenever they make a purchase through the Xbox Live Arcade. The “play to earn” program works on a sliding scale. After the first 20 hours of playing “any combination of arcade games” you will get a free avatar item.

Purchase four XBLA items for more than 400 Microsoft Points and you will be able to gain a free month of Xbox Live Gold Membership. If you are a true Xbox Arcade junkie, there is a plan that will work just for you.

Under this plan, if you spend 3,200 or more Microsoft Points you will be able to get 800 MSP in return. In order to take part in MyPunchCard a gamer just needs to be a member of the Xbox Live Rewards program.

Joining the program is 100 percent free, you just need to sign up and start spending and playing. This program certainly isn’t going to be for everyone, but there are plenty of people who are spending plenty of time or money on Xbox Live Arcade anyway.

The best part is that there are really no limit on which arcade games you choose to play in order to cash in on the rewards. There are a ton of games, such as Walking Dead and Trials that are mega popular. If you’ve been thinking about going out and getting them, get yourself a rewards account first and take advantage.

Will you use XBLA’s MyPunchCard program?