NeNe Leakes’ Former Employee Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Having An Affair With Her Husband Gregg

The woman accused of texting NeNe Leakes‘ husband, Gregg Leakes, is telling her side of why she was released from her job.

The Inquisitr previously reported that NeNe accused Gregg of having an emotional affair during a rocky time in their marriage. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said on Angela Yee’s podcast, Lip Service, that her husband of more than 20 years was texting another woman behind her back. NeNe claimed that the person in question was named Juanita Mitchell. The couple had hired Juanita as the manager of the reality star’s store, Swagg Boutique, in Maryland. She claims after she learned Juanita and Gregg were engaging in inappropriate text messages, she fired her from the company.

According to Page Six, Juanita claims that NeNe’s allegations are completely false. She says that her relationship with Gregg was always professional, and the “toxic” environment in the boutique was her reason for leaving. The 31-year-old former manager also noted that she wanted to move on to other things.

“Gregg never propositioned me,” Juanita said. “I was a store manager, so I talked to him just like her other managers from her other locations talk to him.”

Juanita also shared that, contrary to the claims from NeNe and several sources, she willingly left the store last year. She says she ultimately became uncomfortable with the boutique’s dynamic, as well as NeNe’s accusations.

“I left willingly because at the time it was just out of hand,” she explained. “It was too much drama for me, so I decided not to stay. I walked away from the position.”

In June 2019, NeNe reportedly alluded to the incident via her Twitter page. The former Glee star asked her followers what they would do if they found out their husband was texting another woman. She said that when she confronted Gregg, he admitted to being unfaithful after having a difficult time communicating with her. However, Juanita insists that nothing about her relationship with Gregg was out of the ordinary.

A source also shared with the outlet that Gregg wasn’t the one who was seeing someone in Maryland. The source claimed that NeNe allegedly has a “side guy,” which is the reason why she frequents the city. NeNe has never admitted to having an affair during her marriage to Gregg but expressed her frustrations with him during Season 11 of RHOA. She admitted that if he hadn’t been diagnosed with cancer, she would have considered divorcing him due to their marital woes during and after his diagnosis.

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