NeNe Leakes Shares How She Found Out Husband Gregg Texted Another Woman Behind Her Back

NeNe Leakes claims that her husband Gregg Leakes recently engaged in inappropriate conversations with another woman.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, per People. During the discussion, NeNe shared that Gregg and a former employee of NeNe’s were texting each other without the actress’s knowledge. According to NeNe, the alleged conversations began during the summer of 2019, following NeNe opening a new boutique in Maryland. NeNe said during the podcast that Gregg was a part of hiring new associates on for the Maryland store, which is allegedly how the employee came into their lives. NeNe said she hired the woman, who she called Juanita on the podcast, as the manager of the store.

NeNe then continued to say she knew when she saw Juanita that the woman was Gregg’s “type.” She explained that Juanita had short hair, similar to the look NeNe had when she first met her husband. Although she said she had suspicions about Gregg and Juanita’s interactions, she said an altercation between the woman and another employee confirmed that something was happening between her and NeNe’s husband.

“She was sitting there, the gay guy said, ‘I don’t appreciate you calling me a queen and listen, you wouldn’t want to do that because you know I know your secret,'” NeNe described the exchange.

NeNe said the woman Gregg was texting initially denied that she was ever unprofessional with him. The employee Juanita was arguing with then reportedly continued to push.

“Well, how about you and Mr. Gregg be FaceTiming.”

NeNe said she was in the store at the time and heard the entire conversation. She said she knew the male associate was telling the truth based on the fact that Juanita seemed shocked that the secret was revealed. NeNe also dished that she immediately called Gregg, who initially denied talking to her. NeNe said she didn’t believe Gregg and fired Juanita on the spot. Eventually, Gregg admitted to only talking to Juanita and said they never became physical. Gregg also said he only engaged in conversation with Juanita because NeNe wasn’t available.

While she was disappointed in her husband, NeNe also revealed she doesn’t force him to be faithful to her. She claims Gregg is able to speak to other people within their relationship, as long as she doesn’t know about it.

“I do what I want anyway,” NeNe explained. “I don’t want to hear what he’s doing about anyway. I’m in New York and he’s in Georgia. Whatever he’s doing I don’t need to know about it. We’ve really had these conversations.”

NeNe also admitted that Gregg being diagnosed with cancer last year caused a strain in their relationship. The former Glee star instantly became Gregg’s caretaker and helped nurse him back to health. She also expressed that the couple is still “healing” from where they were when Gregg was in the throes of his cancer battle.

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