Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Britt’s Got A Plan Regarding Julian

Britt’s back in town, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she is intent on shaking things up. Fans don’t know yet how long Britt will be back in Port Charles, but it’s clear she isn’t going to waste any time in getting things accomplished.

Her first stop was to visit with Brad, and she was not happy to learn he had both protected Julian and entered a guilty plea for his case. Britt admitted that she wouldn’t have hesitated to expose Julian, and it appeared that she immediately started to pick up on some details about all of this that Brad missed.

When Brad started talking about the car accident, Britt was quick to ask questions about the brakes. It seemingly never occurred to Brad that Julian might have been responsible for the brakes failing, despite his father-in-law’s odd behavior afterward. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Britt will not be blind to this possibility.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show reveals that Britt will head straight from her visit with Brad to see Julian at Charlie’s. General Hospital spoilers recently revealed that at some point, Britt and Julian will be hitting the sheets. It looks like this initial encounter may lay the groundwork for that happening.

Apparently, Britt will get right to it when she encounters Julian. General Hospital spoilers share that she will tell Julian that she knows he helped Brad.

Will Julian admit to this? He tried to cover when Brook Lynn accused him of being involved with the baby switch. However, Britt knows far more than Brook Lynn did because she heard it all directly from Brad. Given that, Julian may not push against this too hard.

Julian may ask Britt what she wants in return for staying mum on this. She wants to help Brad, but it’s not clear yet how she thinks she can help and use what Julian knows to accomplish it.

Whatever it is that Britt has to say, General Hospital spoilers signal that Julian’s secret will remain safe for now. Soap Central notes that next week, Julian will be feeling relieved. That teaser would seem to suggest that Brad, Britt, and Brook Lynn will all keep what they know to themselves for now.

How does this encounter at Charlie’s lead to Britt and Julian sleeping together? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed that yet, but this could make for a juicy pairing.

It may be that Britt initiates this frisky behavior with an agenda that she’ll get information out of Julian that could help Brad. It could also be that Britt and Julian find themselves connecting over both of them essentially being villains in Port Charles, and they’ll take that connection to the bedroom.

General Hospital spoilers promise that Britt’s return will contain plenty of juicy moments, and fans cannot wait to see more.

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