‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian’s Love Life Will Be Heating Up Soon

Julian Jerome hasn’t had a woman in his life since his ex, Kim Nero, left town last year. However, that is all about to change. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central have been saying for a while now that his love life would be heating up and it looks like it’s finally about to happen.

The woman who was thought to be the one to bring some heat to Julian’s life was Brook Lynn Quartermaine. She has been bribing him into fighting her battle with Linc over her contract recently. Fans expected that those two would end up together at one point, and that may still happen over time, however, a new woman is about to enter the picture. The Inquisitr had recently reported that actress Kelly Thiebaud would be returning to her role as Britt Westbourne soon. No other details had been revealed at that time, but one huge tidbit has now been hinted at about how she will be spending some of her free time in Port Charles.

That hint was revealed by Julian’s actor William DeVry himself. He posted a snap on Twitter from a soap magazine that showed his character hooking up with Britt, which came as quite a surprise for General Hospital fans.

What brings Britt back to Port Charles in the first place? It’s likely because she got wind that her mother, Liesl Obrecht, has been arrested for murder and attempted murder. Her BFF, Brad Cooper, is also sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial.

Julian is currently in cahoots with Brad over the baby swap deal. Brad is threatening to tell everyone that Julian knew all along about Wiley unless Julian helps get him out of this mess. Britt also knows all about baby Wiley. Brad spilled his guts to her the last time she was back in 2018. She convinced him not to feel guilty about the whole thing.

What leads to Julian and Britt hooking up together is a mystery for now, but fans think that maybe she will be blackmailing Julian somehow. Obrecht had known about the baby swap as well. It’s interesting that these four will now have a connection in more ways than one. Will Britt somehow enlist Julian into helping get her mom out of her pickle as well?

General Hospital fans were definitely surprised to learn that Julian’s new woman is Britt and most are all for it. It’s likely going to be a temporary fling, since Britt usually doesn’t stay very long, but fans are ready to see the sparks fly soon.

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