Sommer Ray Gets Cozy With A Snail Sitting On Her Forehead: ‘I Made A Friend’

Sassy Sommer Ray was lying flat on her back while a small snail sat above her eyebrows in the middle of her forehead for the social media guru’s most recent Instagram snap. The 23-year-old influencer didn’t seem bothered by the intruder but instead, appeared to be enjoying its company. In fact, she asked her 24.4 million followers if they had any ideas for naming the teeny shelled gastropod.

While entertaining her own concepts for a name to be given to her minuscule companion, the animal lover posed for five similar pictures as the critter with the coiled tail seemed to be sleeping on her face.

In the first shot, Sommer stared into the camera lens as the snail stayed put. She rocked a floral bathing suit featuring a print in pink, yellow, black, and turquoise hues. Only a bit of the garment was present in the images that featured the model-mogul, who also rocked a face full of subtle makeup. The application included darkened eyebrows, dark mascara, pink eyeshadow, highlighter, pink lipstick. and light contouring.

Her messy brown hair was brushed back, with some tendrils hitting her neck.

In the second picture, the snail maintained the same position as in the first image while Sommer moved her head a bit to the side while slightly opening her mouth. The third photo looked a lot like the second.

For the fourth image, Sommer scrunched up her pretty face and seemed to growl as the snail appeared to have woken, perhaps because it looked out of sorts.

Then, in the fifth picture, the camera focused on the snail — which looked as if it was acting as Sommer’s third eye — while the beauty peered upwards so she could try to see her “new friend.”

Sommer’s fresh Instagram update earned nearly 400,000 likes and more than 2,700 comments within 24 hours of going live.

Many fans offered ideas regarding what to name the star’s snail.

“Sylvester,” suggested one follower.

“Snailray,” remarked a second admirer.

“Skippy,” stated a third Instagram user.

“Name him Mr. Steal-your-sommer,” recommended a fourth fan.

In general, Sommer seems to like all kinds of creatures, often modeling with them on her social media accounts. However, the stunner sometimes shows up on Instagram while rocking a variety of striking fashion statements. At the end of February, she wore an Army green epaulet jacket featuring decorative forearm elements, fancy metal buttons down the front, and a tail in the back styled like a tuxedo, according to The Inquisitr.