Jay Leno Throws Support Behind Joe Biden Because He Is A ‘Decent Man’

Comedian Jay Leno recently told ITK that he would be supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, The Hill reported.

“People like Joe because he’s got a good character,” Leno said, before calling Biden’s massive Super Tuesday comeback a “feel good” moment.

“It was like the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. Remember George Bailey? He was down and out and everybody shows up with money.”

The former Tonight Show host pointed to the fact that Biden only spent around $11,000 in Massachusetts and still managed to win. Leno compared this spending to former candidate Michael Bloomberg‘s massive spending campaign and its failure.

“I mean, I like Michael Bloomberg, but it’s nice to know that $600 million can’t replace character.”

Elsewhere, ITK asked Leno if he still feels pressure to keep up on the latest developments in the news now that he no longer has to write monologues for each night. According to the comedian, he keeps up on the latest happenings because he’s a “news junkie.”

“I enjoy the news, but I don’t have to pay attention to it,” he said.

As reported by CNBC, Biden appeared on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage back in 2016 and drove his 1967 Corvette. During the appearance, he revealed that he had to gain permission from the Secret Service to appear on the show. Usually, sitting vice presidents are not allowed to drive until at least six months after leaving office.

“You realize this is only the third time I’ve gotten to drive this in seven years?” Biden said.

Biden revealed that the car was his father’s wedding gift to him, which gives it sentimental value. In addition, the 77-year-old politician’s sons rebuilt the engine as a Christmas gift.

Although Leno previously sparked confusion over his politics when he had conservative icon Rush Limbaugh on The Jay Leno Show, The Atlantic wrote that he is not a conservative.

“I’m not conservative,” he said. “I’ve never voted that way in my life.”

Leno went on to claim that the media is “in the pocket of government” and accused activists like Michael Moore of doing their bidding for them. However, he has reportedly employed former Democratic presidential candidate speechwriters to write jokes, adding that he has never employed a Republican in such a position.

Regardless of Leno’s endorsement, Biden appears on track to secure the nomination. As reported by The Inquisitr, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden’s closest competition, does not appear to have a path to the nomination after taking significant losses on Tuesday in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi.

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