'Crushed' Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Were Reportedly Given 'No Other Choice' But To Megxit

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's departure is often painted as a case of the couple wanting to have their cake and eat it too, one royal expert says that the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex were forced to leave. Omid Scobie, royal editor-at-large for Harper's Bazaar, says that no one in the royal family stood up for the pair during their time of need and, ultimately, they were forced to walk out the door and fend for themselves.

"To say they were crushed is an understatement," Scobie says. "Things might have been different if a family member or two had stood up for them during the darkest times."

It's likely, the journalist says, that the pair didn't feel that Megxit was inevitable, but after a series of difficult events, they reportedly felt they had no other choice.

Scobie, a journalist who worked closely with the couple over the past year and a half, says that he was surprised after getting to know the two to watch them bid good-bye to their U.K. family to head back to their new home in Canada. But after the couple proposed taking on a part-time role in the royal family and it was rejected, they had to find a way to protect their family and happiness, Scobie says.

Stepping back from royal life isn't something "that the couple still feel wasn't necessary, but also wasn't a surprise, given the lack of support they received as they were relentlessly attacked" by the media in the country.

"The reality was a couple who were left with no other choice but to create their own change after being left to fend for themselves against impossible circumstances—even during her pregnancy," Scobie writes. "They knew something had to change, but they also didn't want to stop supporting the queen."

Scobie talks about Meghan's tears as she and her husband said good-bye to their team and Harry gave up his military honors this week after serving for 10 years.

He says that the couple had worked hard in their royal charities and that the pair being forced to drop those roles was an "unnecessarily cruel ending." Now, he says, while the couple is still hurting, they are trying to find a way to move forward in their new lives. He says that the couple is still focused on their new charity work and keeping their family safe.

However, one insider says that if the couple decided to change their minds about stepping back from their royal duties, they'd be welcomed back into the fold.