‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Confides In Willow About Marriage, But Sam Could Put A Damper On It

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Willow will meet up with Sasha, as she has some news to share with her BFF. The last time they were seen together, Sasha was trying her best to convince Willow that she needs to be in Wiley’s life. This time, however, their conversation is expected to turn to talk of marriage, as seen in the previews.

Michael had previously discussed the possibility of marriage to Sasha after Diane advised him that being married would help his custody case against Nelle. After much thought, he brought up the subject to Sasha. She was obviously taken by surprise, but the idea of getting married wasn’t a bad one. According to General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, Sasha opens up to Willow about her potential upcoming nuptials.

Sasha seems pretty happy about her future with Michael in the previews as she’s chatting with Willow, but things may come to a halt soon. A few days ago, Sasha also confided something to Chase while they were talking at The Floating Rib. They were discussing the situation with Michael and Wiley, and she told him that she didn’t feel she was ready to be a mother. The issue is, Chase wasn’t the only one who heard her say that. Sam was sitting at the bar and overheard her confession.

There appears to be a reason why Sam turned around when Sasha mentioned that. She ended up leaving with her order, but once she hears about Michael and Sasha possibly getting married, General Hospital fans are worried that she may go running to Michael and let him know what she heard. That may give him second thoughts about whether he is asking too much of Sasha.

More spoilers reveal that the couple will be making some important decisions this week. If Sam does end up telling Michael what she heard, he may be confronting Sasha on whether she is ready to help raise his son or not.

Fans are bracing themselves for a possible Michael/Willow pairing coming up soon. Many are not happy that the writers would break up Willow and Chase. They have been a fan favorite couple for a while now. Chase had previously warned Michael to back off and stop trying to convince Willow to stay in Wiley’s life, as she has been through a lot and needs to have some time to process everything that has happened.

If Sasha and Michael don’t get hitched, there is a possibility that Willow would step in to make sure that Nelle doesn’t get her hands on Wiley. That would clearly mess up current relationships and new friendships that have formed. General Hospital fans are bracing themselves for major changes for these two couples.

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