Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Has A Message For Michael As Willow’s Struggles Escalate

Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital indicate that Chase will show how serious he is in trying to protect Willow as she navigates life after the Wiley bombshell. Previews for the March 4 episode indicate he will have a chat with Sasha, seemingly sharing a message with her that he would like her to pass along to Michael.

As viewers have seen in recent days, both Michael and Sasha have made strong arguments for keeping Willow in Wiley’s life. Willow had decided to tell Michael that she thought it was best to stay out of the little boy’s life entirely, but he felt differently.

Willow explained that she thought it was unhealthy for both her and Wiley for her to remain involved in his life. Michael made it clear he felt strongly that Wiley really needed Willow to remain present and involved.

After that, Sasha also talked to Willow about the situation. Sasha put quite a bit of pressure on her friend, but by the end of the conversation, Willow thanked her for it. While Willow remains completely heartbroken over these recent developments, it seems that she is starting to lean toward keeping a relationship with Wiley going forward.

Based on the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show, however, it seems that Chase may not be happy with these developments. Ultimately, he will surely support Willow in whatever way she needs and through whatever decisions she makes. However, General Hospital spoilers signal that he is also going to get a bit stern in questioning whether Michael might have overstepped.

The preview for Wednesday’s episode shares that Chase will have a chat with Sasha. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will tell Sasha that Michael is messing with Willow’s head, and he’ll note that it needs to stop.

Sasha looks concerned as she hears this, and it’ll be interesting to see if she notes the pressure she herself put on Willow over all of this. This conversation makes it seem as if Chase wants Sasha to pass his message along to Michael. However, it also sounds as if the two men will talk directly as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Chase will turn to Michael for some help. This is almost certainly regarding Willow’s struggles, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be having a great deal of trouble accepting the reality of all that has happened regarding Wiley.

Will Chase and Willow be able to stick together and come out on the other side of this challenging situation still strong as a couple? General Hospital spoilers hint that this is going to take some time to play out, with plenty of emotional moments coming along the way.

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