Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Willow Struggles To Accept Her New Reality

On Friday’s General Hospital, Willow paid Michael a visit at the Quartermaine mansion. This was the first time these two had confronted each other since the Wiley reveal. Michael has been busy comprehending how he now has his son to take care of, while Willow has been trying to grasp the idea that the baby she thought was hers is actually Michael’s. It’s all one big mess that Nelle and Brad created and now Willow is forced to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move on. But it’s not going to an easy task for her this upcoming week.

By the middle of the week, SheKnows Soaps teases that Willow will be having a hard time accepting reality. It came as a complete shock when Chase broke the news to her that Wiley is not the child she gave up for adoption to Brad and Lucas. Her baby died and that devastated her. Fans were crying along with her as she broke down at the hospital. Now she is just trying to deal with her new life knowing that Wiley is not hers.

However, Michael made her an offer on Friday. He wants her to stay in Wiley’s life as a mother figure to his son. Many General Hospital fans thought that was very inconsiderate of Michael to ask that of Willow. She hasn’t given an answer yet, but the previews for Monday’s show reveals that Sasha will be having a chat with Willow as well.

The two women became good friends before all this happened. Sasha is heard telling Willow that Wiley isn’t the only person who needs her right now. It’s likely that Sasha is talking about Michael, as it seems that he hinted how much he could use Willow’s expertise with his son. It may be that this is asking too much of her because spoilers say that she will be struggling even more in the coming days.

Seeing Wiley for the first time since the truth was revealed may just send her over the edge. It sounds like she will have a hard time accepting that this little boy really isn’t hers. She had told Chase last week that she still loves him just as much as before, despite knowing that he isn’t her biological child like she thought he was.

Katelyn MacMullen’s portrayal as the grieving Willow Tait has fans holding out hope that she will be nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year. They believe that she definitely deserves it after watching her heart-wrenching scenes.

Things might get worse before they get better for Willow. Spoilers for the next few weeks on General Hospital has Michael getting help from Ned and Chase asking for advice in dealing with Willow. This is all rumored to be a prelude to a Michael and Willow pairing soon.

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