DuPont’s Deal With Monsanto Drawing Backlash

DuPont’s deal with Monsanto will reportedly put an end to ongoing legal disputes between the two companies. The $1.75 billion deal allows DuPont access to two new GMO Technologies at Monsanto. The billion dollar deal also reportedly includes allowing DuPont to garner royalties over the next decade.

The primary concentration of the contract between the two companies involves increase in the seed industry. The deal between Monsanto and DuPont allegedly alleviates some uncertainties for both companies. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Food Democracy Now and a host of farmers across America protested the Monsanto Protection Act in front of the White House on Wednesday.

Many farmers and consumers in general are concerned about GMO crops and ingredients going unlabeled. Food Democracy Now circulated a petition that attracted more than 250,000 signatures asking President Barack Obama to pen an executive order reversing the mandate. The president signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law recently.

The $1.75 billion deal reportedly ensures that Dupont gets access to “pioneer technology” and Monsanto can access DuPont’s massive customer base. Monsanto will also reportedly enjoyed fixed minimum royalties on its future technologies.

Many Americans likely had no idea that chemical giant DuPont is also the second largest seed company in the world until the Monsanto Protection Act made headlines. Monsanto, the largest seed making company on the globe, is DuPont’s biggest competitor.

The end of the legal war between the two “Big Ag” businesses paved the way for increased access (and likely production) of GMO seeds. The Xtend and RoundupReady 2 Yield products and regulation data pertaining to corn and soybean traits had been licensed from Monsanto. The license reportedly allowed the seed producing company to create stacked trait combinations.

Dupont deal with Monsanto also puts an end to the $1 billion penalty imposed on DuPont from the US Federal Court in St. Louis. The world’s second largest seed producer was found to be misusing seed technology from its largest competitor.

While GMO seeds may provide farmers with potentially higher yields and lower weed susceptibility, the use of such seeds remain highly controversial. The growing of GMO crops is condemned by some farmers, organic food organizations, and general consumers.

How do you feel about the Dupont and Monsanto deal, GMO seeds, and the Monsanto Protection Act?

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