Emily Ratajkowski Rocked A Risque Black Dress For The Art Production Fund 2020 Gala

Emily Ratajkowski is one jet-setting celebrity. On Sunday, the supermodel-mogul was in London, marching for the “respect [for] female existence” during International Women’s Day. Then, on Monday night, the 28-year-old go-getter mingled among other glitterati present for the Art Production Fund (APF) 2020 Gala in New York City.

The latter was held in two restaurants — The Grill and The Pool — located in midtown Manhattan’s Seagram’s building. The event was dubbed “a night of delicious eccentricity” by Town and Country magazine.

After cocktails, which featured cherry jello shots, the unexpected menu for the special gathering included caviar, tater tots, cheeseburgers, and ice cream sundaes. All courses were accompanied by an appropriate souvenir from the enchanted evening: napkins created by renowned pop artist Ed Ruscha.

The gala’s “black-tie hole” dress code was up for interpretation, stated Vogue about the interactive evening enjoyed by what the source deemed “the most well-manicured crowd of any event in recent recollection.”

This comment was made in part because some guests opted to receive free manicures and glam touch-ups courtesy of Chanel and done in a beauty-centric space designed for temporary use. In addition, attendees were treated to “a bondage-inspired ballet performance by Mika Tajima and ballerina Alexandra Jacob (who wore a head-to-toe latex bodysuit),” Vogue stated.

Besides EmRata, high-profile guests included David Byrne, Nicky Hilton, and Brooklyn Museum’s Anne Pasternak. For the lavish yet fun-filled proceedings, Emily was tasked with introducing art dealer Sarah Hoover, who was honored alongside her sculptor husband Tom Sachs.

For her part, the “Blurred Lines” beauty rocked a risque jumpsuit featuring a body chain. The heavy accessory was anchored on the front of EmRata’s salacious outfit, partially covering her navel while circling around her tiny waist. The strapless garment revealed plenty of skin.

Emily’s speech was heartfelt. She recalled her initial meeting with Sarah at which time the London-born, San Diego-raised celebrity headed straight to Instagram to get better acquainted with the woman of the evening, for whom she obviously holds great affection. Emily said she spent hours pouring over the art lover’s social media account.

During her presentation, Emily raved about Sarah as well as the APF.

“[The] Art Production Fund… creates beautiful and meaningful art installations that belong to everyone. I firmly believe that all of us here at the top of the art world food chain have an ethical imperative to provide art to people who didn’t study it in college and maybe don’t go to museums and don’t have the opportunities.”

The APF not only gives the opportunity for anyone to enjoy high-quality art but also does its bit to “commission and produce ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences and expanding awareness through contemporary art,” states the organization’s website.

EmRata reminisced about the APF gala via a four-picture update on Instagram, posted on Tuesday.

The first picture in the pack showed EmRata standing with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. Both of them looked spiffy as the couple enjoyed their evening.

In the second image, Emily was sandwiched between Sebastian and Sarah. And, in the third photo, Emily and Sebastian sat at their APF table with Sarah, while Sarah’s artist husband Tom crouched down to smile for the camera.

In the fourth image, Emily greeted Sarah after she spoke, handing over her mic to the honoree.

Emily’s post from Monday night’s Art Production Fund Gala received more than 228,000 and nearly 280 comments within only two hours of going live.

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