Donald Trump Jr. Stirs Controversy By Diagnosing Joe Biden With Alzheimer’s Disease

In response to a heated video of Joe Biden and a construction worker, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to suggest that the former vice president has Alzheimer’s disease, which stirred controversy on social media.

After Trump Jr. said that the Alzheimer’s Association webpage points to the manifestation of “aggressive or angry behaviors” in people with the condition and other forms of dementia, he took aim at Biden for his recent aggression toward the construction worker.

“A 50 year career politician doesn’t snap back this way to a blue collar guy asking him a reasonable question given his parties stance on the issue.”

Many people took issue with Trump Jr.’s comment and sounded off on Twitter.

“In fairness, your dad exhibits the same behavior,” one user wrote.

“You sound desperate,” wrote another, who posted a picture of the definition of narcissistic personality disorder.

Others appeared to agree with Trump Jr.’s sentiments and worried about Biden’s health.

“It’s beyond cruel that his handlers & family are allowing this to go on,” one supporter wrote.

“Very sad his, Biden’s party would use, abuse and put anyone through something like this. Humanity issue,” tweeted another.

As reported by The Washington Examiner, Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, believes that Biden should be tested for Alzheimer’s disease.

“Biden should be required to have a test for Alzheimer’s disease,” he said. “We can’t elect a president who has that deterioration of the brain setting in at the start of his term.”

Morris claimed the public is entitled to know whether Biden suffers from the disease, adding that the front-runner candidate’s alleged inability to perform would become more apparent as he receives more of the spotlight, such as on the debate stage.

According to a report from Biden’s doctor released in December, the former vice president is being treated for acid reflux, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, and seasonal allergies. Per Washington Monthly, Stuart Jay Olshansky, a professor of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago who researchers the longevity of presidents, noted that the only thing not included in the report is a cognitive functioning test. However, he pointed out that the rigors of the campaign trail are “probably” enough to qualify as a replacement for such a formal examination.

As reported by The Inquisitr, 2016 Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein raised a red flag on Monday and said that Democrats would lose to Donald Trump if they continue hiding Biden’s alleged cognitive issues.

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