Kurt Warner to announce his plans on Friday

Kurt Warner will hold a press conference this coming Friday to announce his intentions for the 2010 NFL season. The conventional wisdom has Warner calling it a career and moving onto the post football part of his life. First I would like to thank Warner for not dragging this decision out, and playing like he is Brett Favre. Guys like this have class, and that is something that is missing for many of today’s sports personalities.

Of course if Kurt does retire we can begin debating where he fits among the grates QB’s of all time. Warner has a very strong resume. He was voted to five pro bowls, won a league MVP, won a Super Bowl, and led two different teams to the big game. In all he played in three Super Bowls, which is one more that Favre has, and on the level of some of the best QB’s in the history of this league.

Without a doubt he is going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at some point, but that is not the argument, the question right now is where does he fit amongst the best QB’s in league history? We can mount an effective argument that says he is certainly better that Favre, and that he may belong among the top 10 best QB’s of all time.

Personally I think he falls just short of the top ten. If Favre is one of the top 15 best QB’s in league history, then I would have to say that Warner is somewhere in front of him. However I do not think he is amongst the top ten. If a list were put together placing him 11th I could not argue that. Put the great thing about the NFL is we get to debate this for the rest of time.

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