Jon Stewart Shreds Obama On VA Benefits: ‘It’s F—ing Criminal’ [Video]

The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart shredded President Obama Wednesday, criticizing him for failing our nation’s wounded veterans.

Stewart revealed that many veterans have been waiting for over a year for benefits, and that the number of those in queue has grown 2000% during Obama’s presidency. “That’s f—ing criminal,” said an incredulous Stewart, adding that the president can’t point the finger at Republicans for the problem, because it’s not an issue of obstruction or funding, but rather of poor organization and negligent oversight.

A big part of the problem seems to be that the VA tracks patient records on paper, while the Department of Defense uses a different and incompatible spreadsheet program. “I swear this is true,” Stewart defended.

Stewart placed the onus of the decision squarely on President Obama’s shoulders, arguing that it’s a decision he can just make himself, which would then lead to a positive impact on how our wounded veterans are treated and cared for.

“If you’re making a case that government has a meaningful role to play in improving people’s lives, then when you’re not obstructed from doing what you want, you better f—ing bring it,” Stewart concluded.

Though Stewart had very harsh words for President Obama, Republicans weren’t spared his ire on Wednesday, either. On the issue of marriage equality, Stewart condemned several Republicans who haven’t yet come around to support the issue, namely Senator Saxby Chambliss and Marco Rubio. He also criticized up-and-coming GOP favorite Dr. Ben Carson.

Particularly, he played a clip of Rubio saying that leaving the gay marriage decision up to the individual states doesn’t make one a “bigot,” to which Stewart agreed.

“He’s got a point. Believing that the definition of marriage should be left to the states doesn’t make you a bigot. But believing that those states should define that to be traditional marriage… that does, actually.”

Watch the video of Stewart criticizing Obama below:

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