WWE News: Matt Hardy Reveals Why His Return Didn't Work Out

Matt Hardy is now a free agent after his WWE contract expired last week. While the company was keen to keep the veteran superstar, his lack of television time over the last year suggested that they had no plans for him. During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Hardy opened up about his experience in WWE in recent years, revealing that he believes he "aged out" of the company.

According to Hardy, he was excited to return to WWE and do some version of the "Broken" character that he reinvented himself with on the independent circuit. Vince McMahon eventually gave him permission to do a version of it after deciding to split up The Hardy Boyz, but the superstar stated that the chairman was never fully behind his creative vision. However, he did express his gratitude to the boss for giving him the chance to have some entertaining moments with the character.

"Vince didn't understand the whole idea behind the 'Broken.' persona. This is a supernatural character, but one that also broke the fourth wall and winked at the fans. I don't think Vince fully comprehended that. But there were a lot of highlights, and having a cinematic fight against Bray Wyatt was definitely one."
Hardy revealed that he's happy that he went back to the company since he left on bad terms back in 2010. However, his decision to leave was based on his desire to do something productive on television, and those opportunities were hard to come by for the former Team Xtreme member.
"They were great to me, I have no complaints, and I loved what we did at the end with Randy Orton. But I can still go and I want to be in a prominent role wherever I go next."
It remains to be seen where Hardy will go next, but he confirmed that he's had talks with several companies, including All Elite Wrestling. That seems like the best possible destination as well, since he recently made a YouTube video with Matt and Nick Jackson, who are the executive vice presidents of the company.

In the video, Hardy reprised his "Broken" character and called the Jackson brothers to come to his compound and remove a spirit from his body. While the superstar appears to be keeping his options open -- and hasn't ruled out returning to WWE at some point -- the video could also be his way of starting a storyline in AEW.