WWE News: Renee Young Opens Up About Convincing CM Punk To Return To Wrestling

Renee Young recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast with Lillian Garcia to discuss her role on WWE Backstage. The presenter opened up about several topics regarding the show, but one of the main topics of conversations pertained to how she convinced CM Punk to be a part of it.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc, Young wanted the “Straight Edge Superstar” on board as soon as his name was suggested for an analyst role. According to the presenter, however, he took some convincing before he finally accepted the job.

“When I like, heard, his name being thrown around, I was like, should I reach out to them? Should I try to see where he’s at? So we have been talking a little bit. Yeah, I was just begging and pleading. I’m like, it’ll be good. It’ll be fun. I promise it’s going to be a great time. So, I just sort of did like the best selling job I could possibly do to try to get him to come on and do it. Then, finally, he was like, let’s do it.”

Punk isn’t a full-time member of the WWE Backstage team, but he does appear sporadically to share his honest thoughts on the state of the product. However, according to Punk, Young is able to control him and he thinks she’s a great asset to the wrestling industry.

Punk also revealed that he wouldn’t have joined the show if FOX didn’t bring Young on board. He also said that they were having conversations “everyday” at the time, and it turned out they had a similar vision for what the show should be.

During her interview with Chasing Glory, Young confirmed that she was the only person on the panel who knew Punk was coming in on the night he made his surprise appearance. “The Straight Edge Superstar” showed up at the end of the debut episode, which aired last October. It was a shocking moment as most fans assumed he was completely done with the wrestling industry.

Of course, while Punk was a huge topic of the conversation, Young also praised her regular co-host, Booker-T. According to Young, she wanted him to be a part of WWE Backstage from the beginning as they had developed a great working relationship through co-hosting pay-per-view kick-off shows.

Young described praised the Hall of Famer’s “energy” and ability to entertain. Furthermore, from a personal perspective, she enjoys working with the former superstar because he’s always in a good mood.

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