WWE News: CM Punk Reveals If He Can Technically Wrestle For Rival Promotion, Praises Renee Young

Most wrestling fans want CM Punk to return to the ring, but the former WWE superstar appears to be enjoying his new gig as a pundit for WWE Backstage. However, Punk is always asked about the possibility of a return to the squared circle — and whether All Elite Wrestling could be a destination if he ever decided to lace up his boots again.

As reported by Wrestling Inc, the former World Champion was asked during a recent conversation with Kevin in the Mornings with Allie and Jensen if he could wrestle for AEW — as WWE Backstage is technically a FOX show. According to Punk, it is an option, but he does not think the network would appreciate him joining the other organization.

“I think if I was wrestling for AEW, I’m sure FOX would be like, ‘well, it was fun while it lasted.’ I guess technically [I could]. Technically I could do that yeah, but I’m sure FOX would be like, ‘well?'”

At the moment, Punk does not seem to be interested in wrestling for any company.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the former WWE champion is willing to consider a return to the ring if he receives a mega-money offer. However, he appears to be more focused on his careers as an analyst, mixed martial arts commentator and actor. His debut starring role in the movie Girl On the Third Floor received rave reviews, and it will undoubtedly lead to more opportunities.

During the interview, Punk also revealed that Renee Young was a deciding factor for him joining WWE Backstage. According to the “Straight Edge Superstar,” wrestling fans owe her a debt of “gratitude” if they have been happy to see him share his thoughts about WWE in recent months.

“I don’t think it would have happened if it wasn’t for her. I was talking to FOX for a very long time. They immediately got Renee on board. Renee and I were having conversations every day.”

Punk shared that Young is a great host, saying that she knows how to control him on WWE Backstage. Since the show isn’t produced by WWE, the superstar has the freedom to share his real opinions on the product without anyone interfering or censoring him. Since joining the team, he has been known to criticize some performers and storylines.

According to Punk, Young is a great asset to the wrestling industry. These past few months, he appears to have been enjoying his time working alongside her once again.