High School Teacher Punished For Saying ‘Vagina’

A high school teacher is being punished for saying “vagina” in an Idaho sex education class. The Idaho State Department of Education has started an investigation of Tim McDaniel after receiving complaints from several parents. McDaniel has been teaching science at Dietrich School for nearly 18 years.

The complaint was filed by four parents who allege that McDaniel used sexual terms, including “vagina,” while teaching his class sexual education. Additionally the complaint alleges that the science teacher showed students a video about sexually transmitted disease, discussed birth control, and explained orgasms.

As reported by MagicValley.com, the complaint further alleges that McDaniel told inappropriate jokes and used his class to promote political candidates.

McDaniel contends that the class was taught using material as it is stated in the standard textbook. McDaniel states that he has always allowed his students to opt out of the section on human reproduction if they are uncomfortable.

Dietrich School Superintendent Neil Hollingshead has stated that although McDaniel is being investigated, he does not expect that he will lose his position with the school. He expects nothing more than a written reprimand.

McDaniel has received a written complaint from the Idaho’s professional standards commission but refuses to sign as he feels it is unfounded. He feels it is unfair that he is being punished for saying “vagina” when it is included in the standard textbook.

An article in the Atlantic Wire suggests that the complaint is somehow related to the Mormon Church. The article states that the school is located in a section of Idaho populated by a numerous members of the Mormon Church, who may be uncomfortable with the content of the class.

Several students have shown their support for McDaniel by starting a blog titled “SAVE THE SCIENCE TEACHER.” Several students are asking fellow students along with the community to speak out in defense of the science teacher.

The high school teacher will be punished for saying “vagina” during sex-ed, but neither he nor his supervisor expect it to cost him his job. The investigation is still being conducted by state officials.

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