Joe Biden Is Suffering From ‘Some Sort Of Dementia,’ Progressive Commentator Says

Amid Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden‘s recent success in the party’s primary, progressive commentator Cenk Uygur, the co-founder of The Young Turks, expressed his belief that the aging politician is suffering from dementia.

“Joe Biden will DEFINITELY lose to Trump,” he said, linking to a video of the former vice president’s public flubs posted by fellow progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski.

“He appears to have some sort of dementia! The monsters on TV are covering this up and then will turn around and talk about it on a loop during the general election. Guaranteed. We’re walking right off the cliff.”

After Biden’s massive comeback on Super Tuesday, scrutiny of his cognitive state has intensified. Although Yale psychiatrist and frequent Trump critic Bandy X. Lee claims his mental health is not a concern, that hasn’t stopped others from suggesting that the former vice president is getting a pass.

“Joe Biden genuinely has dementia and that’s not at all funny,” Kulinski tweeted. “It’s sad and he needs help and to not be exploited by a corrupt establishment looking to hold on to power by any means necessary.”

As The Inquisitr reported, GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest posted a Twitter thread on Thursday that covered instances of Biden forgetting the name of former President Barack Obama. Hours later, Matt Stoller, the research director at American Economic Liberties Project, claimed that Democratic insiders are aware of Biden’s “cognitive decline issues” and make light of it.

“They just don’t care,” he tweeted.

According to Washington Monthly, there is no evidence that Biden has cognitive decline. The publication says that such information is the result of a “disinformation campaign” against the 77-year-old politician. The article comes in the wake of reports that a memo of his supposed mental decline has been circulating among supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, which was disavowed by the Sanders campaign’s communications director, Mike Caspa.

Regardless, the spotlight is on Biden for this alleged issue. Journalist Glenn Greenwald suggested that the Democratic Party and media elites’ refusal to acknowledge the purported decline is “frightening” because of what it indicates about the remainder of the 2020 race, as well as the “ease of snapping them into line.”

According to The Intercept’s Ryan Grim, Biden supporters that were critical of his spotlight of the Republican Party’s attacks on his mental state did not deny that he was experiencing such problems.

“Even (and especially) his supporters know it’s happening,” Grim tweeted, echoing Greenwald and calling it “frightening.”

Biden is currently the frontrunner in the Democratic primary. As of now, he has 664 delegates, with Sanders trailing behind with 573.

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