Fans Of ‘General Hospital’ Have Thoughts On Peter’s Scheme To Frame Obrecht For His Evil Deeds

General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna Devane will apparently fully fall for Peter August’s new scheme to set up Dr. Liesl Obrecht for the crimes he recently committed. Viewers watched as Peter set the wheels in motion for this during Thursday’s show, and there is much more to come during Friday’s episode.

While Peter has been gaslighting Anna for a while now, turning Liesl into a scapegoat for what he’s done is a bit of a shocker. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Anna will claim she’s got the proof to take down Liesl for supposedly being responsible for the attack on Andre and Franco.

In fact, General Hospital spoilers hint that an arrest may even be imminent. However, fans aren’t so sure that Peter is making a wise move with this scheme.

Liesl surely will be caught off-guard by all of this. She is responsible for doing plenty of bad things over the years, and she doesn’t deny that. However, in this case, Peter is flat-out framing her, and she surely won’t see any of this coming. Will he come to regret going this route?

“Foolish Peter — Have you forgotten already how unwise it is to cross Liesl Obrecht?” shared one General Hospital fan on Twitter.

At least a few General Hospital fans have pointed out that Liesl cares deeply for Franco, and she has a long history of supporting him. Anna and Liesl have been intense adversaries for years, but does it make sense that the supposedly brilliant spy would immediately fall for this story orchestrated by Peter?

“Anna’s being stupid because she’s in denial which I’m ok with that. At least we know she’s being dumb. She know d*mn well Obrecht wouldn’t harm a hair on Franco’s head,” one viewer points out about Peter’s decision to frame Liesl.

“Has Anna Devane EVER in her history been this off-base, naive and blind? Obrecht’s the culprit? Really?” tweeted another frustrated General Hospital fan.

“Why would Obrecht be involved in Drew’s death and attacking Franco and Andre? This makes no sense! And of course Anna believes it because she’s been dumb down for Peter,” ranted another annoyed viewer.

It is understandable that Peter might target Liesl because she’s treated him poorly in the past, and Anna already hates her. At the same time, Maxie is tied to Liesl, and it’s hard to imagine his fabricated motive would be believable to anybody who is thinking clearly. Unfortunately, at least for now, Maxie will continue to support Peter, according to SheKnows Soaps.

How far will Peter get in this scheme, and could it ultimately be his undoing? General Hospital spoilers tease that Liesl may soon make some big moves to ensure she gets herself out of this mess. Being framed like this may even connect to the recent news that Liesl’s daughter Britt is coming back soon, and fans will be anxious to see how this storyline proceeds.

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