Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter’s Got A New Plan To Redirect Blame To Liesl

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter August is ready to play dirty in order to keep himself from being exposed for his numerous misdeeds. It looks like Peter is essentially ready to kill two birds with one stone by throwing Dr. Liesl Obrecht under the bus while potentially clearing himself of all of the suspicions hovering around him.

Viewers know that Peter was the one who set up the hitman to try to do away with both Andre Maddox and Franco Baldwin. Peter had misgivings at the last moment and looked like the hero when he killed the gunman and saved Andre and Maddox.

Peter knows, however, that he remains under suspicion in some people’s eyes. He’s been scrambling for months now to keep Maxie from learning the truth and he’s been manipulating Anna to keep her from getting too close to the truth as well.

During Thursday’s show, fans saw that Peter has thrown together a new plan. He has used his connections to lead Anna down a path that makes it appear that Liesl is the one who hired the hitman and has been orchestrating all of the chaos that Peter was actually engineering.

It didn’t take Anna long to find Liesl after her conversation with Peter. Of course, Liesl doesn’t see this coming and ultimately, she is essentially the perfect person for Peter to set up for this. After all, there is no love lost between Liesl and Peter and he never really received justice for when she had him held captive at the cabin after Nathan’s death.

Liesl is guilty of many shady things, but she actually has nothing to do with what Peter’s framing her for in this case. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Peter will forge forward and have Anna completely hooked on this idea.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show reveals that Anna will confront Liesl with these allegations, insisting that she has proof. Peter will quickly pull Maxie into his charade, stunning her with the idea that Liesl could have been responsible for this.

It seems likely that Anna will soon share this supposed breakthrough with Robert and Finn too. General Hospital spoilers have shown that the two men will be sitting together at a table at the Metro Court when Anna will breeze in teasing she’s got news to share.

Based on General Hospital spoilers available from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds as if Jason may learn about this soon and it seems that he will be pretty skeptical. Anna will blame Jason for something soon, but he probably won’t let go of feeling certain Peter was behind all of this.

Peter will be busted at some point, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t be coming for a while yet. Anna will surely be crushed when she learns the truth and Maxie will be devastated as well. Peter’s bought some time with this Liesl scam, but fans know she should not be underestimated and he may have pushed things too far this time.

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