Scheana Marie Reacts To Dayna Kathan Going ‘Exclusive’ With Max Boyens On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Scheana Marie was asked for her thoughts on Max Boyens’ recent declaration of exclusivity to Dayna Kathan on Vanderpump Rules during a recent interview with People TV‘s host Daryn Carp.

Following a clip of Max and Dayna from the show, Scheana explained, via Fox 10 TV, that when it comes to dating, there are several different tiers, starting with exclusive, which means that no one is sleeping with anyone else, and concluding with marriage.

After explaining the steps of going from exclusive to “boyfriend, girlfriend” to marriage, Scheana explained to Daryn that while Max and Dayna weren’t sleeping with other people, they also weren’t in a relationship with one another.

When Scheana was asked if she felt badly about the way Dayna appeared to be taking her exclusive relationship with Max much more seriously than Max, Scheana said that she didn’t sympathize with her because she felt that Max was open with the way he interpreted an exclusive relationship. As she explained, Max told her that he and Dayna had simply quit sleeping with other people.

Scheana then admitted that she was surprised to see that Max and Dayna appeared to be on completely different pages on Vanderpump Rules after agreeing that they would be exclusive.

“I still think that they are just very different people and whether I like her or hate her, they just didn’t seem like the right match. I’ve seen Max with other girls where I’m like, ‘Oh okay, this makes sense.’ And with the two of them, it just felt awkward,” Scheana explained, adding that Max didn’t have the same chemistry with Dayna that he did with other girls.

According to Scheana, she wasn’t the only person who noticed that something appeared to be missing between Max and Dayna, and she alleged that a number of their friends agreed that they were lacking chemistry and seemed quite awkward around one another.

Also during the episode, Scheana confirmed that after a lot of back and forth with Dayna on Vanderpump Rules Season 8, she and her co-stars were finally in a better place in their relationship.

As The Inquisitr reported last month, Dayna spoke to TooFab about her relationship with Scheana, revealing that while the two of them got off to a very rocky start when Dayna was added to the Vanderpump Rules cast last year, they came “full circle” toward the end of the season, prior to the taping of the Season 8 reunion.

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