‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Dayna Kathan And Scheana Marie Have ‘Come Full Circle’

Dayna Kathan and Scheana Marie didn’t get off on the best foot when Vanderpump Rules Season 8 began but today, Dayna claims she and her co-star are in a much better place and have “kind of come full circle” in their relationship.

While chatting with TooFab on February 18, Dayna said that although she and Scheana have made positive progress in recent weeks, they haven’t filmed the Season 8 reunion quite yet and when it comes to the upcoming taping, Dayna is admittedly nervous about the events that could play out.

“We haven’t filmed the reunion yet, so I’m a little nervous for that,” she explained.

During last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8, fans watched as Lisa Vanderpump confronted Scheana about her alleged jealousy issues with Dayna and was immediately met with a full-on denial from Scheana. As Scheana explained at the time, she wasn’t jealous of Dayna, or of Dayna’s relationship with her one-time flame Max Boyens. Instead, she claimed she simply didn’t vibe with her co-star.

Because of Scheana’s defensive behavior, many assumed that Scheana actually was jealous of Dayna but didn’t want to admit it to anyone, including herself. Looking back on their past drama, Dayna said Scheana has a way of spinning things and is always quite concerned about “saving face.”

“She will deflect at all costs,” Dayna said.

“That was fine. That’s her defense mechanism. But I believe that Lisa and everyone else around us was like calling a spade a spade. Like, you are jealous, so just own that and move on.”

Although Dayna does believe that Scheana was dealing with jealousy early on in their relationship, she also told TooFab that she believed there was more to it than just her relationship with Max, who she dated throughout production after meeting during her time hostessing at TomTom, where Max works as the general manager.


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Scheana opened up to Life & Style magazine last week about her thoughts on Dayna and the rest of the new cast members of Vanderpump Rules Season 8, including Max, Danica Dow, Charli Burnett, and Brett Caprioni, and said that despite her clear issues with Dayna, she loved having new people to film with.

“Despite what you see with Dayna [Kathan] — which again, changes after tonight — I always embrace having new people on the show because I have fun with them,” she shared. “It just brings a new flavor to the show and it gets a little stale at times.”