Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Curtis Faces Pressure & Jordan’s Stress Level Boils Over

General Hospital spoilers for the March 5 show detail that there is more mob war drama on the way. Taggert’s death has everybody scrambling and Jordan will apparently have a tough time keeping her cool.

During Wednesday’s episode, Curtis briefly met with Sonny and Jason to discuss the messy mob war situation. Jason feels certain that something connects Jordan and Taggert and he tried to get Curtis to share details. However, Curtis kept what he knows to himself.

Curtis and Jordan talked through what’s happened and where everything stands. She warned him that Mac is going to have questions for him, and Curtis told his wife that he thought she should reconsider her plans. Curtis said he knew how she could deal with Cyrus without quitting her job and confessing what she did to manufacture evidence against the mob boss.

Soon, Jason and Sonny appeared and Curtis acknowledged that he felt it would be best for them to work together to destroy Cyrus. According to General Hospital spoilers from the preview for Thursday’s episode shared on Twitter, Jason will take another run at Curtis over the connection between Jordan and Cyrus.

Jason will ask Curtis if Cyrus has something on Jordan. Curtis will look over at Sonny, who is sitting next to him, but fans will need to wait until Thursday’s episode airs to see how he responds.

Curtis is accustomed to walking a rather thin line between following the rules and getting creative while taking care of situations. Despite that, he may feel as if it’s too big a risk to tell Jason and Sonny the truth about Cyrus and Jordan. At this point, he feels that he does need to work with Sonny and Jason to effectively deal with this escalating issue. Despite needing to align with them, it seems he may struggle over figuring out how much they need to know about what happened in the past.

As Curtis navigates this conversation with Jason and Sonny, Soap Central notes that Jordan will vent out her anger. At some point during Thursday’s episode, Jordan will explode during a conversation with someone in her office.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jordan will lash out, telling the person in her office to wake up. It’s not known who she is talking to at this point, but it appears her worries are getting the best of her.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers hint that Jordan will soon find more to be angry and worried about. TJ might be in trouble and Molly is about to start worrying about his whereabouts. It appears this mob war will get worse before it’s resolved with more heartbreak hitting Port Charles before this is over.

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