‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday Detail That Molly’s Worried About TJ

Fans are worried about TJ Ashford on General Hospital, and spoilers hint that Molly Lansing-Davis is about to become worried as well. The last that viewers saw, he had left the Metro Court after she turned down his marriage proposal. Teasers suggest that it’s soon going to become apparent that nobody has necessarily seen him since then.

During Monday’s show, Jordan felt desperate to reach TJ after seeing what had happened with Taggert and Trina. Jordan tried calling her son, but she got his voice mail. Soon after that, she got a text where TJ wrote that he couldn’t talk right then, but he said that he would call her later.

Jordan seemed content with that text message, but viewers felt otherwise. A fair number of fans suspected that TJ did not send that text himself, signaling that perhaps he had already been snatched up by men working for Cyrus.

The sneak peek for Thursday’s episode shares that Molly will meet up with her sister Sam. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Molly will mention that something isn’t like TJ as she speaks in a worried tone.

It seems fairly likely that at this point, Molly tried to reach out to TJ to talk to him after their heartbreaking non-engagement. He probably has not picked up her calls or responded to any texts, something that certainly would be unusual for the typically reliable medical student.

Of course, the fact that TJ has been hard to reach right now wouldn’t necessarily come as an absolute shocker. He was stunned when Molly turned down his proposal, and things were in a very uncertain place between them when he left the Metro Court.

For the moment, things are pretty chaotic in Port Charles and there are definitely some missed opportunities when it comes to the TJ situation. Jordan doesn’t yet know about what happened with the proposal, and Molly may not know about the Trina and Taggert situation.

Even if Molly knows about Trina and Taggert, she surely doesn’t have any knowledge about how that situation also puts TJ at risk. Regardless, spoilers hint that she won’t be able to dismiss her concerns.

According to Soap Central, Molly will soon connect with Jordan. It was noted that she’ll open up to TJ’s mom, probably about the difficult conversation the couple had. Will this lead the two women to realize that neither of them has actually talked to him since he left the Metro Court?

General Hospital spoilers have not specifically confirmed that TJ has been kidnapped or will be harmed during this mob war. It’s possible that he is just taking time to himself due to feeling rejected with his proposal and that he’ll soon open up to his mom or Molly. However, all signs point toward more destruction on the way — thanks to Cyrus and his men — and it certainly looks like TJ is a likely target of theirs.

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