‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That TJ May Already Be In Trouble

This has already been a wild week on General Hospital, and spoilers hint that there is a lot more chaos to come. During Monday’s episode, Taggert died, and Jordan was understandably worried about her son TJ. Although she felt relieved after getting a text from him, fans have a hunch that he may be in big trouble.

As Jordan, Curtis, and others waited at General Hospital for news on Taggert, the police commissioner was rather desperate to reach her son. Given the fact that Cyrus had his men kidnap Trina to get to Taggert, and they attacked the former detective twice in one day, it was understandable that Jordan was feeling anxious.

Jordan initially couldn’t reach TJ, and she left a message urging him to call her back right away. As fans know, TJ proposed to Molly, but he was left stunned and heartbroken when she turned him down.

After the rejection, TJ left the Metro Court and apparently didn’t reach out to his mom to let her know about this. Eventually, Jordan did get a short text from TJ, saying that he couldn’t talk right at that moment and he’d call her later.

That note was enough to calm Jordan’s fears, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that perhaps it shouldn’t have. There have been some hints piling up that point toward the possibility that Cyrus will be going after TJ soon, and after that text, some fans think it’s already happened.

The text that came from TJ’s phone struck a number of General Hospital fans as something that seemed short and out of character for the medical student. Almost immediately, Twitter started buzzing with posts from viewers speculating that someone working for Cyrus had kidnapped TJ and sent that text as a cover.

“I’m going to take a wild guess and say that text wasn’t from TJ,” noted one General Hospital viewer.

“TJ is gonna get hurt isn’t he?” posted another fan.

“I’m still worried about TJ. All Jordan got was a text message that he was all right,” tweeted someone else.

The theory among many General Hospital fans is that TJ will be taken by the Cyrus crew and injured, though perhaps not killed. Molly will panic and be overcome with guilt after turning down his proposal and breaking his heart, leading her to reconsider marrying him.

Previews for Tuesday’s show suggest that this storyline won’t move forward until later in the week. However, SheKnows Soaps details that on Thursday, Jordan will be back on-screen and furious over something. It may not be TJ she’s upset about, but fans will hopefully learn more about his current status.

Is Taggert really dead? Is TJ in trouble? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s a lot of chaos still on the way with this mob war.

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