Chrissy Teigen Says She’s Struggling With The Same Nightmare Every Night: ‘It Has To Stop’

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Chrissy Teigen opened up on her social media account Wednesday, revealing to fans that she is struggling to get sleep and function during the day after having nightmares every single night for months.

“I’ve been having the same nightmare for months. If I wake up, i fall right back into it when I go back to sleep. And when I do officially wake up, I’m soaking wet and so sad all day. I’m tired!! Sleeping in a different room tonight,” she wrote on Twitter with a video explaining the situation.

She promised to let fans know how it goes.

She continued the conversation on her Instagram stories.

“I know this sounds insane but I think I have some kind of ghost or evil spirit,” she said, adding that she would go to bed early in the evening and try to sleep all night. In the morning, she wakes up soaking wet because she has been having the same nightmare over and over.

She didn’t explain what the nightmare was, but she said that it was making her life difficult, so she was going to try to tackle the problem by sleeping in their spare room.

Before the critics could say anything, she added that she knew having a second bedroom was privileged, but she said that since she does have one, she was going to use it to try to stop her nightmare.

She explained that since she starts working again soon that she needs the energy to do her job and the poor sleep was preventing her from being able to do it.

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“I need the energy, I need to feel good. I can’t live this way anymore. I cannot do this nightmare anymore. It’s driving me insane. It’s literally making me crazy. I have to stop, it has to stop.”

Chrissy has been open with her fans about her mental health challenges, and has revealed that she takes medication to deal with anxiety. She noted that while she had anxiety her entire life, it got worse when she gave birth to her first child, who she shares with husband John Legend, and started experiencing post-partum depression.

She has also spoken about how social media can have an impact on her mood. Most recently, the model and cookbook author posted a video showing her topping her children’s cereal with fresh fruit. When people online started criticizing her food choices, she responded that she needed to leave the internet because of the number of trolls there.