Police Investigating A Suicide At Disney’s Contemporary Resort After Guest Seen Falling

A massive amount of police and emergency personnel arrived at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World on Wednesday afternoon, and the news isn’t good. Word started making the rounds on social media that a guest had been seen falling from an unknown floor of the tall resort, and it led to multiple vehicles responding to the call. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is now reporting that they believe it to have been a suicide.

Ashley Carter of My News 13 has reported that a woman was found unresponsive at the resort nearby Magic Kingdom. There had been multiple emergency calls placed saying that someone may have jumped from the building, but they were not 100 percent sure as to what had happened.

Upon arriving on the scene, police found the woman unresponsive and she was later pronounced dead. As of this time, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office does believe that this was indeed a suicide and they are investigating further into the situation.

There is not a lot of information out yet regarding the identity of the guest or exactly what may have happened. Police are indeed looking into the idea that this death was a suicide and not that the female guest may have accidentally fallen from a floor of the Contemporary.

It was around 4:00 p.m. Eastern when the first calls were made to police and some reports stated that they believed a man had “fallen” from a floor of the resort. Immediately after that, numerous photos began appearing online of many police vehicles in the parking lot of the Contemporary Resort.

News reporters began looking into the situation and asking questions of those who were on the scene. Emergency vehicles were blocking roadways and not allowing guests into the area in which they were investigating.

Reedy Creek Fire Department also had vehicles on the scene which were also helping in blocking the scene off. The area at the Contemporary looks to be on the Magic Kingdom side where the two Monorails go in and out of the resort hotel.

This is not the first time that a situation like this has taken place at that very resort. As reported by The Inquisitr back in 2016, a guest jumped off of the A-frame tower of Disney’s Contemporary Resort in what ended up being ruled a suicide. That death took place much later in the evening after most of the theme parks had closed.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting its investigation at this time at the Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

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