Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Faces Linc, Michael Makes A Decision, & Violet Has A Plea

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show indicate that there will be major questions and perhaps an ultimatum coming. The mob chaos is seemingly going on hold for the moment as the action shifts to other storylines, and things are definitely heating up all over Port Charles.

Viewers haven’t seen Valentin for a bit now, but he’s back and continuing his quest to take over ELQ. General Hospital spoilers tease that Brook Lynn’s producer Linc will start to regret getting involved with Valentin’s scheme.

Brook Lynn figured out that Julian was helping Brad with the baby swap, and now she wants him to take care of Linc in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian will make a move on this front, but it’s not clear yet whether it comes before or after this upcoming confrontation that Linc has with Valentin.

In the sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shared via Twitter, Linc and Valentin meet up on the pier. A flustered Linc tells Valentin that he didn’t sign up for this, an exclamation that would certainly make sense if the producer already crossed paths with Julian. In addition, it seems that Julian will tell Brook Lynn he thinks she’s bluffing, and she’ll dare him to try her.

It doesn’t appear that Valentin is all that worried about Linc’s concerns though. He has plans that extend far beyond this producer, and he may take this worry as a sign that Brook Lynn is running scared and ripe for the next phase of his plan.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers detail that there’s more coming with the Peter, Anna, and Finn saga. Finn and Anna will cross paths at the park, and she will ask him what he actually told his brother Chase. In all likelihood, she probably wants to know how much Finn told Chase specifically about the suspicions regarding Peter’s misdeeds.

Maxie and Peter will spend time together at the Metro Court, and it appears that this will get a bit serious. Maxie has been rather oblivious to all the Peter-related secrets swirling around for the past few months. However, it looks as if something may grab her attention on this front.

General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie will tell Peter that they need to tell one another everything. Teasers for the week indicate that Peter will confess some of what’s been going on to Maxie. Unfortunately, he’ll seemingly still hide the most damaging tidbits.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Michael will hope to receive some help from Ned. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael will decide that he needs to take a leave of absence from his position leading ELQ. It seems likely that Ned will be fine with this, as he and Tracy had concerns about having Michael in charge right now anyway.

Tuesday’s show also brings some tender moments with little Violet. She’ll be asking someone to make “her” stay. She’s dressed in winter gear as she says this, so it looks like she is probably at the park with Finn and asking him to smooth things over with Anna.

When will Maxie learn the full truth about Peter? Can Finn and Anna find their way back to one another again? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are some significant twists and turns on the horizon, and fans won’t want to miss any of the action ahead.

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