Chrissy Teigen Says She's Leaving The Internet After Being Slammed For Feeding Kids Fresh Berries

Kristine Lofgren

Chrissy Teigen is famously open with her fans about her life, and sometimes that position opens the door for criticism from people on the internet. But the most recent controversy over the diet that she feeds her kids has the mother of two ready to leave the internet.

Chrissy shared a video on her website Cravings showing her feeding her daughter Luna, 3, and her son Miles, 1, cereal with berries on top. As Us Magazine reports, the Bring the Funny host faced an immediate backlash from trolls who questioned her meal choices.

"I think I gotta leave the internet," Chrissy said after seeing the critiques.

Never one to let a message that she sees an unfair go unchecked, she posted a follow-up to the critics.

"'You are so far removed from reality it's scary,'" one critic said as Chrissy quoted in her response.

"Over f**king BERRIES, and I say I want to leave the internet. And I am the one attacking. Amazing," she concluded.

One social media user followed up on the thread, supporting the initial poster.

"Put yourself in the place of someone who legitimately can't afford to have fresh berries within reach for their family," the user said. "And maybe, just maybe, let this go."

Others came to the cookbook author's defense, saying that they admired her willingness to call out the critics.

"Your bravery and basic 'I am not giving your s**t the time of day' is what makes following you fabulous," one person wrote. "Never met you and probably never will, but I admire that you smack back. We NEED more of that."

In the past, the model has shared other videos and pictures showing her and her children, who she shares with John Legend, in the kitchen. She once revealed that she feeds her kids things like macaroni and cheese or fish sticks in order to get them excited about food. She has even given her daughter laminated cash to pay for the food.

In response, Chrissy said that she often has to block several dozen people every time she posts about her kids on social media.