Real Andrews Acknowledges ‘General Hospital’ Taggert Shocker As Fans Plead For A Twist

The story of Detective Marcus Taggert is supposedly over on General Hospital, but a lot of fans refuse to believe it. After Monday’s shocking episode aired, actor Real Andrews took to social media to respond to a lot of viewers who are devastated over the decision to kill off Taggert.

Almost immediately after the character of Taggert died on-screen, General Hospital fans started speculating that perhaps this was a fake-out. Many viewers are hoping that Taggert is still alive and his death was faked to keep Trina safe as well as protect the detective from further attacks by Cyrus.

Tuesday morning, Andrews shared a post on Instagram featuring a still shot from Monday’s show along with several other snaps. The first photo showed Taggert in the hospital bed with Sonny at his bedside and the third showed his character with Trina and Jordan by his bed.

The other two photos in the Instagram post showed Andrews’ dog Diamond, who apparently is awfully sad that her “daddy” is done with this gig. The General Hospital star also shared a handful of short video clips via his Instagram stories Monday evening talking about this storyline shocker.

Is the character of Taggert really and truly dead? Even if he’s not, it’s not as if Andrews or anybody else with the show is going to confirm any General Hospital speculation about a twist at this point.

The actor shared a lengthy caption with his Instagram post thanking everybody for their support, and he added that he was grateful for the opportunity. In his stories, he reiterated that he is grateful and noted that things are in God’s hands.

“We’ll see where this is gonna go,” Andrews said in his Instagram stories.

Those who have been following Andrews via social media know that he and Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) are good pals off-camera. In his Insta stories, Andrews noted that Maurice has his back, and he quipped about dreaming up a comeback.

“You know Sonny,” Andrews also noted during his video clips, a comment that may spark more speculation among viewers.

A prevailing theory among General Hospital fans is that Sonny and Jason may have coordinated with Taggert to fake his death.

Andrews responded to many of the comments on his Instagram post coming from General Hospital fans. Unfortunately, several of them seemed to confirm that Taggert really was killed off and this isn’t a fake death.

“This will be a great setup for Cyrus! Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees you come back. It will be priceless! Keep up the great work!” noted one General Hospital fan.

“[I]t would but it’s not Thx for your support Champion,” Andrews replied.

“I appreciate your support but Taggert is dead,” the actor replied to another similar plea from a viewer.

Even if Andrews is telling General Hospital fans that Taggert really is gone for good, it looks like people are still hoping for a twist. The character had been gone for nearly 20 years, and it’s clear that viewers were thrilled to see him back. People were not ready for his storyline to end already, and it looks like the dominant theory is that regardless of what the actor says, it’s not over yet.

Will the writers throw a twist into this soon by reviving Taggert as fans suspect? At this point, Andrews is saying that’s not the case, but General Hospital viewers aren’t ready to give up hope quite yet.