Kayla Itsines Works Out In Sports Bra & Tiny Shorts, Explains Why She Created Her Fitness Program

Kayla Itsines is an Australian trainer who created the fitness program BBG Stronger. She also has an Instagram page where she inspires her 12.2 million followers with near-daily mini workouts and photos showing off her sculpted physique. On Tuesday, March 3, the fitness guru took to the popular social media platform to demonstrate a short exercise circuit and explain her motivations behind the BBG Stronger program.

For the workout, Kayla wore a white sports bra with crisscrossed orange straps that left her chiseled back muscles and toned tummy on display. She paired the top with her classic super-short black gym shorts that left her long, sculpted legs exposed. The trainer completed the look with white sneakers and a white Apple watch, while styling her long, brunette hair back in a ponytail to keep it out of her face as she exercised.

The workout video starts with the words "Train With Me" written in bold, white block letters across the frame. Kayla is shown in a mountain climber position, immediately beginning a move that alternates mountain climbers and push-ups. She then performs the front squat move using a barbell. Holding the barbell across her chest, she squats as she normally would.

The next exercise in the circuit is the weighted bent-leg jackknife, which involves Kayla lying on her back and performing crunches by bringing her knees in to her chest at the same time that she raises a weight over her head.

Kayla shows off her chiseled abdomen with some bicycles before moving into chest presses with a dumbbell. She finishes the workout by repeating the mountain climber push-ups.

In the caption of the post, the brunette beauty explains that BBG Stronger was created because she wanted to solve the problem of women working out at home. After receiving comments from participants, Kayla decided to incorporate high-intensity exercises with weight training. The program is gym-based and includes instructional videos and demonstrations for each 28-minute workout.

The Instagram sensation's followers expressed their gratitude for the fitness trainer and her programs by giving the post over 100,000 likes and dozens of comments in the first two hours after it was posted. Many asked questions about how they can adapt the program to their needs and limitations, while others said that they loved the workout she performed in the video.

"I'm really grateful for BBG program, It changed my daily routine and my self esteem," one Instagram user commented.