‘General Hospital’ Shocker: Taggert’s Fate Revealed, Death Of Trina’s Dad Sets Stage For Intensified Mob War

Monday’s episode of General Hospital gave fans a bit of hope and then crushed it all in the blink of an eye. During Friday’s episode, things looked dire for Marcus Taggert after he’d been shot. Initially, doctors thought he would pull through and they were prepping him for surgery. But just as his daughter Trina took a quick break and left his bedside, things changed drastically.

Taggert was able to talk not only with Trina but also with Curtis and Jordan, as well as with Sonny. Just before he was set to go to surgery, the staff of General Hospital started scrambling. Soon, Lucas revealed the heartbreaking news that they had lost him. He explained that the detective probably had a blood clot and he noted that things can change quite quickly in cases like that.

Trina had gone off with Cameron to find a snack for her father and she came back just after Lucas shared the news with everybody. Elizabeth tenderly told Trina about her father’s death and later took her back to the Webber-Baldwin home until her mother could be reached. General Hospital spoilers recently revealed that Trina’s mother will be revealed soon, as the character of Dr. Portia Robinson is about to pop up at GH.

Fans were thrilled to have Taggert back in Port Charles and the writers quickly connected him to new people on the canvas, along with reconnecting him to old acquaintances. It certainly appeared that there were plenty of stories to tell about Taggert in the weeks ahead, but it seems that the writers had other plans.


Killing Taggert certainly moves the story forward in other ways. Jordan is now the only one still alive from her original group of four undercover agents who targeted Cyrus. Laura is determined to disrupt Cyrus and his plans, and during Monday’s episode, she showed that she’s not afraid of him.

Where does this all head next? Spoilers have hinted that TJ may be the next person Cyrus and his men target. Jordan is worried about her son and will do whatever she can to keep him safe. However, going after Taggert’s daughter was a successful approach and it seems likely the organization will consider a similar route to take care of Jordan.

Actor Real Andrews, who was brought back recently as Taggert, did a great job of keeping this development under wraps. He has been posting photos regularly on his Instagram page showing him posing with other cast members, all the while making it seem as if they were new photos. Now, it appears that he was set on keeping viewers in the dark regarding the tragic turn of events about to hit his character.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will get increasingly intense with this mob storyline in the days ahead. Taggert’s death impacts many people in Port Charles, and fans will surely have a lot to say about this storyline shocker.

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