AEW News: Dustin Rhodes On Matt Hardy And Luke Harper Potentially Joining Company

While many fans and pundits are expecting Luke Harper and Matt Hardy to sign with All Elite Wrestling in the coming weeks, it’s all just speculation at the time of this writing. However, during a recent interview with the New York Post, Dustin Rhodes dropped some hints that the company is keen on bringing both superstars into the fold, and he had high praise for both of them.

According to Rhodes, Hardy would be a great haul, as AEW would let him tap into his immense creativity, which he hasn’t been allowed to showcase too often in WWE. Furthermore, his words also suggested that he expects the veteran to sign with the company.

“Matt Hardy, if he comes in here, my God, he’s been through so many different variations on YouTube and things like that with WWE. He’s so creative in all the things that he does that when we do it with him, it’s gonna touch gold.”

At the time of this writing, Hardy’s next destination is a mystery. He has been teasing a move away from WWE for months now, but recent rumors suggest that he could potentially remain with his current company and compete on the NXT brand.

On recent episodes of AEW Dynamite, the company has been teasing his arrival as the potential leader of the Dark Order faction. While Hardy is still under contract with WWE, some of his catchphrases have been loosely referenced by the group on AEW television.

Harper, meanwhile, is expected to sign with the company this month. As documented by, he is expected to make his debut on an upcoming episode of Dynamite, which will air from his hometown on March 18. He’s also the type of wrestler who fits AEW’s current recruitment policy to sign athletic big men.

Rhodes believes that Harper an underrated talent who can bring a lot to the company. He has fond memories of wrestling the superstar in the past, and thinks that he can get himself over now that he’s no longer being restricted by WWE. Furthermore, he also said that the former Wyatt Family member can elevate other talents.

“He can help people. He can take them to new highs and he can get them there and at the same time get himself over in a company that will allow him to do so.”

Harper and Hardy’s latest WWE runs didn’t amount to much for either superstar, but AEW could offer the pair a fresh start.

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