WWE News: Former ECW Champion Banned, Drunkenly Botches Big Match At Independent Promotion

The hardcore legend is no longer allowed at any events for a Florida promotion.

The Sandman plays to the crowd before a match.

The hardcore legend is no longer allowed at any events for a Florida promotion.

There are many superstars who are no longer affiliated with WWE, but they’re still continuing their wrestling careers elsewhere. One former ECW World Heavyweight Champion still wrestles on the independent circuit, but he won’t be doing it any longer for a particular promotion in Florida. The Sandman has been banned from Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling after drunkenly botching a recent main event and delivering a rant to the crowd.

It has been more than a decade since The Sandman was seen in WWE or their new version of ECW, but he’s still been wrestling. For a while, he spent some time with TNA Impact Wrestling, but he’s since moved onto the independent scene and random appearances for other big promotions.

About a week ago, The Sandman appeared for Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa, Florida. It was the three-year anniversary show for the promotion, and Sandman was booked in a Fatal 4-Way Match that included some other popular stars.

As reported by Heel By Nature, Sandman was set to face Vertigo, Chico Adams, and former WWE superstar Shannon Moore. The match was scheduled to go at least 12 to 15 minutes due to the big names in it and there were four wrestlers taking part.

The unfortunate thing for the fans in attendance is that it only lasted about three minutes, and that was all in part to The Sandman. The former ECW Champion was reportedly very drunk and botched the finish of the match which had officials call for the bell early.

The Sandman leaps into action.

Once the match was called and over, The Sandman took a mic and gave an unscripted “drunken rant” as recalled by the promotion. At one point, Sandman even mentioned the name of the city being “Orlando” when they were actually wrestling for fans in the city of Cocoa.

The problems with The Sandman were much worse than what happened in the ring as it spilled backstage too. ARW said that he was “sexually harassing multiple female wrestlers,” insulting people, trash-talking, and continuing his drunken behavior while damaging parts of the venue.

It appears needless to say, but the promotion has banned him from ever performing at one of their events again. They were more than happy to reveal they will never again invite him to have a match or even attend one of their future shows.

During his time in ECW and even WWE, The Sandman was the beer-drinking hardcore legend who beat people senseless. He was a huge part of ECW and spent time in promotions all around the world, but things are no longer going so well for him. Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling is embarrassed for their fans by his behavior at their event and they’ve simply chosen to part ways with him for good.