Donald Trump Crouches Down To Do An Impression Of ‘Mini’ Mike Bloomberg

During his speech at the the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday, President Donald Trump cracked jokes, went off script, and hurled demeaning insults at his political opponents.

Per Fox News, Trump took aim at leading Democratic Party presidential candidates, viciously mocking billionaire and former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg. While delivering his speech, the president discussed the Democratic presidential debates, noting that Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts attacked the billionaire during one of the debates.

“They got some beauties — crazy Bernie, Sleepy Joe, we got mini Mike, but I think he’s out of it,” Trump began, referring to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Bloomberg.

“Mini Mike — I know him very well,” he said, describing his performance at the debates as one of the worst in U.S. history. “Boy, did Pocahontas destroy him,” he said, referring to Warren.

“And look what I did to her — she went out and got a test,” the president continued, recalling how he pressured Warren to take a DNA test to prove her allegedly Native American heritage, which did not turn out well for the senator. “Remember when I said I have more Indian blood in me than she does, and I have none,” he said, and then proceeded to ridicule Bloomberg.

“She was really mean to mini Mike, I’ll tell you, the way she treated him,” Trump said, before getting personal with the New York billionaire. While insulting and mocking Bloomberg, and taking aim at his short stature, the president crouched down to do an impression. He crouched behind the podium, pretending to be Bloomberg during the debates, and glanced over the top.

“He’s going ‘oh, get me off the stage,'” Trump joked, prompting uproarious laughter from the crowd.

The president has addressed CPAC every year since taking office. This year, “America vs. Socialism” is the theme of the conference, which features speakers warning about the dangers of what they claim is “socialism” represented by the likes of Sanders, currently the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Democratic primary race has been quite volatile so far, but data suggests that Trump will either face Sanders or whomever the party superdelegates choose. Although a clear favorite to win the nomination, Sanders does not seem likely to win a majority of the delegates, which means that the Democrats could face a brokered convention, when the superdelegates would be activated.

According to Allan Lichtman — a political science professor at American University, whose prediction model correctly called seven of the last eight elections — either Sanders will win on the first ballot or the party will face a contested convention.

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