Stephen King Slams Donald Trump As The Dumbest World Leader

Author Stephen King recently took to Twitter to go on a tirade against President Donald Trump, who he has expressed his dislike for on many occasions. Notably, King accused the president of being illiterate and claimed he is the dumbest of all the world leaders.

“Hard to believe there was ever a world leader as dumb as Donald Trump,” King tweeted.

“Can’t spell, can’t read, has never managed anything approaching an original thought. His brain is like a radio playing at top volume, but between stations.”

Earlier this week, King called Trump a “horror show” and revealed that he would be voting for the eventual Democratic Party nominee.

“I’ll vote for any Democrat the party nominates, Donald Trump is a horror show, but I ask those of like mind to remember a quote from George Santayana: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, King said that Trump’s presidency was scarier than the stories he has weaved in his horror novels, which include The Shining and Carrie. He also claims to have predicted the Trump presidency in The Dead Zone, which covers a businessman-turned-politician, Greg Stillson, who captures attention with his outrageous statements and clashes with the media.

According to Breitbart, King is rooting for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who he hopes to see “open a large can of whup-a**” on Trump during the debates.

King also previously pushed for voters to remove Republican Sen. Susan Collins for what he believed was her plan to acquit Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, which she later did.

The 72-year-old author is outspoken about issues outside of Trump as well. As reported by CNN, King also doesn’t appear to be a fan of Facebook. Recently, he deleted his profile on the platform after expressing concern with the business’ approach to false information and privacy.

“I’m quitting Facebook,” the author said on Twitter earlier this month, pointing to the “flood of false information” in political advertisements and his lack of confidence in the service’s “ability to protect its users’ privacy.”

Facebook’s decision to allow misinformation in political ads has led to a backlash, with many claiming that it will help Trump. As reported by Salon, the Trump campaign ran 5.9 million ads on Facebook in 2016, which was significantly higher than the 66,000 ran by Democrats. Notably, this year’s campaign reportedly cost approximately $1 billion and will harness more advanced micro-targeting to reach specific demographics compared to the 2016 campaign.

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