Hilary Duff Makes A Public Request For Disney To Move The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot To Hulu

Hilary Duff is already causing headaches for the new CEO of Disney. The actress, who signed on to reboot her Disney Channel series, Lizzie McGuire, on Disney Plus, has now asked that the series be moved to Hulu instead. The actress posted the request to her Instagram page on Friday.

In the request, Duff writes that she feels bound to honor fans who have grown up since the original series was on the air. She thinks the show would be doing a disservice to those older fans by limiting a 30-year-old’s life to what’s possible with a PG rating. Duff is hoping that on Hulu, the series will be allowed to be more adult than it could be on Disney Plus.

According to Variety, Duff and the show’s creator, Terri Minsky, were hoping to create a more mature version of the show that reflected the life Lizzie McGuire might be living at 30. They completed two episodes using this premise as a guide. Disney was initially on board with this approach but changed its plans after the first two episodes, and even removed Minsky from the new series. The company was instead hoping for a version of the show that appeals to kids and families.

Duff’s request seems to be a reach toward compromise for the two parties. Disney has previously said that Hulu will be the home for content that it deems to be too mature for its audience on Disney Plus.


Before posting this request, Duff had remained largely quiet about the turmoil on the show. On Tuesday, though, the actress posted a screenshot on her Instagram story of a headline about the Love, Simon series that was originally planned for Disney Plus. Earlier this week, Disney announced that the series, now titled Love, Victor, will be moving to Hulu in part because of its adult content. Duff is clearly hoping that Lizzie McGuire can follow in Love, Victor‘s footsteps.

Love, Victor wasn’t even the first series that Disney decided featured content too mature to host on Disney Plus. The company reached a similar decision on High Fidelity, which was originally supposed to live on Disney Plus but wound up debuting on Hulu on Valentine’s Day. Both Disney Plus and Hulu are now owned by Disney, following a deal that the company struck with Comcast for control of the service. Moving forward, it seems Disney will use Hulu as its host for its more mature offerings.