February 28, 2020
Eva Marcille Thinks NeNe Leakes Will Be 'Missed' On 'RHOA' If She Does Decide To Leave The Show

Eva Marcille is one Real Housewives of Atlanta star that would be greatly affected if NeNe Leakes left the show.

Reports regarding Leakes' fate on the Bravo series have been prevalent since the beginning of Season 12. Although Leakes hasn't confirmed nor denied if the current season of RHOA will be her last, some housewives believe the producers of the show are making the decision for her. Kenya Moore, who is rivals with Leakes, has said the show is slowly trying to "phase" Leakes out by cutting her appearances down. Leakes, who joined the show's original cast in 2008, has been in fewer episodes this season than normal.

Fans of RHOA will know that Marcille and Leakes are close friends. The model sat down with Hollywood Life and said she wouldn't be happy to see Leakes leave the show. In addition, Marcille said she doesn't know if the producers are, in fact, intentionally keeping her from filming. So far, Moore is the only one who has made the claim.

"I pray not. I hope not. Now that would be sad. That would be a sad day for Housewives, because NeNe is NeNe," Marcille said of the idea of Leakes being phased out.

Marcille then added that Leakes is the only current cast member that has been on the show since the beginning. Despite her hiatus several seasons ago, Leakes currently refers to herself as the show's OG.

"Ups, downs, and round and round, the role has seen NeNe grow and evolve, and they root for her, and they laugh, and they know her and that's their girlfriend," Marcille said of RHOA's fans. "And so I think she would be extremely missed. I don't want to see her go, because who's going to fill those kind of shoes?"

Leakes' former best friend and fellow housewife Cynthia Bailey echoed similar sentiments when asked about her potentially leaving the show. She shared that many fans associate Leakes with the show, so it would be difficult to find a replacement. Bailey did say, though, that she would ultimately want Leakes to do what's best for her.

If Leakes did decide to leave RHOA, she is currently working on other ventures that could sustain her. The mother of two has been guest-hosting shows like The Talk and Entertainment Tonight. She is also a spokesperson for Color Mane wigs, which she often posts about on her Instagram account. The former Glee star has also been successfully touring for stand-up comedy while running her own clothing boutique, per Atlanta Black Star.