Garth Brooks Bashed By Donald Trump Supporters For Wearing ‘Bernie Sanders’ Jersey But It Was Barry Sanders

Garth Brooks received online backlash after he posted a photo in what some fans perceived as a Bernie Sanders jersey. It was actually a Detroit Lions jersey honoring former NFL running back Barry Sanders.

The country music superstar performed in Detroit, Michigan wearing a jersey paying homage to the local sports icon. After the show he posted a a shot of himself in the jersey to his 2.4 million Facebook followers. In the picture the “Friends In Low” places singer was wearing a black cowboy had and has his back to the camera so the blue Lions jersey with “Sanders” on the back is prevalent.

Certain fans were upset with the music superstar because they thought this was an endorsement of politician Bernie Sanders. The post was removed from Facebook after receiving a lot of negative comments but screenshots were shared on Twitter.

“If that’s Bernie shirt I just lost a lot of respect for you,” one follower wrote.

Others believed this was a show of support for socialism.

“Nothing like supporting a communist to lose a few fans! How about going to a successful socialist country and doing some research?” a fan asked.

“That millionaire look like a socialist,” an angry fan replied.

This post garnered a lot of responses from people who support Donald Trump.

“Love you. Hate the shirt. Trump2020,” a fan commented.

“No thanks! Trump 2020!” another wrote.

One person was not sure that Brooks would ever pose in a “Bernie Sanders” jersey and was even saddened by the prospect of that happening.

“If this is truly Garth very sad. You just lost a fan. Trump 2020,” they replied.

Others left comments that they wanted to simply enjoy the singer’s music and were bothered by him even bringing politics into the entertainment arena.

This was not only and ode to Motor City icon but somebody who Brooks knows personally. According to Michigan Live, the singer explained the shirt’s significance during his show at Ford Field in front of 70,000 fans where he performed 30 songs over the course of two hours.

Detroit sports fans recognized the jersey and began chanting the Sanders’ name. Brooks revealed that he had a special bond with the Lions legend and said he considered Sanders the greatest player in NFL history. The two played football together in college and the singer personally vouched for how great of a person he is.

“I was lucky enough to be an athlete and to wear the same uniform as this guy wore in college,” he told his fans.

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