Golfers Find 2 Bodies After Hearing Gunshots On The Course

Golfers found 2 bodies after hearing shots ring out on the outskirts of a course in Tallahassee on Tuesday, leading police to begin a frantic search for a double homicide suspect.

The golfers were playing a round at Hilaman Golf Course on Tuesday evening when they heard gunshots, noted Leon County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. James McQuaig. When the golfers went to investigate, they found 2 bodies in a grassy area between the course and a nearby apartment complex.

“They made the discovery,” McQuaig said. “They called 911 and they waited for us to get there.”

Police didn’t release a name for the 2 women found killed near the golf course, and McQuaig said he didn’t know how old they were either.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the deaths of the 2 women, and police have scheduled autopsies for the victims on Wednesday.

The strange story was reminiscent of another golf course shooting from last year. A golfer in Reno, Nevada accidentally broke the window of a nearby house, sending the homeowner running outside with a gun. The man fired a few shots, though no one ended up getting hurt in the shooting.

The homeowner, 53-year-old Jeff Fleming, apparently reached his limit with golfers dinging balls of his home.

“The neighbors were shaking their heads, and we were shaking our heads, and no one could put rhyme or reason to this (shooting). It’s crazy,” Lieutenant Keith Brown explained. “I’ve been an officer for 25 years, and if you’re here long enough, I guess you’ve seen everything.”

In Tallahassee, the case appears to be a bit more open-ended. Though the golfers found the 2 bodies quickly after the shots rang out, they did not see anyone fleeing the area. Police have not divulged if they have any suspects in mind or what the motive for the shooting could have been.

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